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100 GECS - 10,000 GECS

Rs. 5,764.00 Inclusive of GST
100 GECS - 10,000 GECS

100 GECS - 10,000 GECS

10,000 GECS by 100 GECS is like a sonic rollercoaster ride through a neon-lit carnival of sound. With tracks like "Hollywood Baby" and "Dumbest Girl Alive", it's a whirlwind of catchy hooks and eccentric lyrics. It incorporates elements of hyperpop, electronic music, pop, and hip hop, akin to discover a musical wonderland where every corner reveals a new delight.

Psst! Fun fact: The origin of the name "100 gecs" is shrouded in multiple stories It's rumoured they spotted it spray-painted on a Chicago dorm. Another story involves Laura Les ordering one gecko but receiving a hundred - imagine the surprise! The band also hinted that "gec" might stand for "getting exceptionally cool." No matter which tale holds the truth,"100 gecs" is an effortlessly cool name that perfectly encapsulates their genre-bending sound.

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Format: VINYL


Media Condition: MINT (M)

Sleeve Condition: MINT (M)

Rs. 5,764.00 Inclusive of GST
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