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#OTJFGuestPlaylist This week, we've got the indomitable Smokey The Ghost taking over OTJF's rotating playlist. Smokey is a lyricist & Hip-Hop aficionado from Bangalore with a penchant for old school, lo-fi and banging beats with crisp snares. Nothing excites Smokey more than multiple rhyming syllables in the same sentence and bars that cross over in extended ways over beats. Smokey uses music to heal & finds it to be an anchor through life's uncertainties. As for his aspirations, he wants to cement his name as the "greatest rapper alive, IN MY BEDROOM"— a place he's best able to channel his creativity. Here's what Smokey has to say about his playlist "I am curating music to walk stylishly to. Music that makes you focus your mind and self-belief that will change the world forever. Everyone is gifted with the human odor, and anything is possible if you got this playlist in your ear." While we await fervently for his new album "The Human Nation" dropping later this month, hit the link in our bio to get inspired.