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This week, our rotating OTJF Guest playlist features the enchanting singer-songwriter and visual artist Rachel Singh (@rachelsingh.in). Rachel comes from a rich musical background, guided by three generations of wisdom and experience. She spent her early year's training in Hindustani classical & has very recently graduated out of Berklee College of Music. In the lead up to her EP, Rachel weaves together three beautiful tracks - Her debut single, 'Dear, Mind' began as a live performance, a quest that depicts her navigating through her queer heart. Soon after, she released 'Owl's Eye', an audiovisual tribute to her family, and finally, 'Go Grow,' feat. Rakesh Chaurasia, a younger piece of her, let out into the world. Rachel puts all her favourite tracks onto a playlist titled "to the middle of nowhere" - "I wander around a lot, but no matter where I go, as long as I have these songs playing in my ears I'm grounded, at home and hopeful for whatever is to come, then when I feel steady, caught in the city, I listen to these very songs and make my way to the middle of nowhere, in no time. Here are some of the tunes that make for the soundtrack of my own little safe space." Tune into our Spotify playlist below, featuring Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Tom Misch, Marvin Gaye, Mac Miller, Sufjan Stevens & more gems.