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"Everything Everywhere All at Once" showcases Priya Minhas' eclectic taste in music and her deep connection to various cinematic moments. It is a testament to the cultural experiences that have shaped her artistic journey as a director, which spans live performances, music videos, and short-form documentaries.

Most recently, @pri_diddy was Creative Director for R&B duo THEY. and Director of Creative Content at Love Renaissance (LVRN). Previously, she was a Senior Producer at Vevo where she produced and directed original content with artists including Doja Cat, Pop Smoke, Billie Eilish, Yungblud and Ella Mai.

"These are all iconic moments from films that are etched into my brain and have bought me a lot of comfort or inspiration over the years. The genres and films the playlist spans include 90s r&b, alt-pop, UKG, Bollywood and motown. As a whole it encapsulates the different worlds I was raised in as a British Asian growing up in London to moving to New York/  LA and the cultural moments that shaped my tastes today."

Through this playlist, Priya invites you to immerse yourself in the soundtracks that have influenced her.